Welcome to our website which we hope will give you an insight into both the workings of a Deer Management Group and how we have tailored our activities to serve deer welfare and landowners needs in and around Inverclyde and Dunbartonshire.

Whilst we have only recently been formed in Summer 2013 existing members have a wealth of experience both in the direct management of deer populations on the West coast of Scotland, but also the larger implications of how populations of deer interact and have to be considered both in the traditional woodland environment, and also now more commonly within urban areas which have far more implications for both the deer themselves and the surrounding day to day activities of everyday life.

It is the intention that our group will serve both the immediate and long term requirements of landowners but will also be of interest to those sections of the community who, whilst are not involved directly in the management of deer populations have a genuine interest in the welfare of their local deer population.

Our website will continually be updated which it is hoped will act as an insight into our workings and objectives and the fellow stakeholders and organisations with whom we and other DMGs work towards the long term welfare of maintaining a healthy deer population for generations to come.